General Information

Walkerspace is a 73-seat black box theater and one of the most dynamic, well-known, and well-equipped small spaces in New York. The theater is available for rent throughout the year — by the week only. Rates depend on time of year, length of rental, and use of space.

73-seat theater
Stage dimensions: 22′ W x 27’D
Grid height: 14′

Located in Tribeca at:
46 Walker Street
2 blocks south of Canal Street
between Broadway and Church (map)

Current Availabilities
Oct 31st 2016 – Jan 16th 2017
June 5th – Sept 4th 2017

For more detailed information, download one of the following:
Walkerspace Information & Rates One-Sheet
Walkerspace Lighting Inventory
Walkerspace Audio Inventory
Walkerspace Ground Plan (to scale)

For further questions or to arrange a site visit, contact:

Conrad Kluck, Theater Manager

  • Walkerspace entrance
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