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Applications Are Now Open for the 18th Annual
Soho Rep. Writer/Director Lab!


The Soho Rep Writer/Director Lab was founded in 1998 to explore and develop the work of a new generation of theater artists and to foster new collaborations between writers and directors in the beginning stages of the creative process. Writers and directors must apply separately. At the start of the lab, writers and directors are paired up with a partner. Over the course of the eight months, the writers will write a first draft of a brand new play.

Participation includes attendance at all lab meetings and readings during the 2015/16 cycle. The lab meets approximately every other week to discuss the plays. In the spring, each play is given a public reading at Soho Rep, directed by the director paired with the play.

Eligibility Writers and directors must be able to attend all lab meetings and readings at Soho Rep in New York City during the 2015/16 cycle. They may not be full-time students at the start of the lab. Past participants of the lab are not eligible to apply.

Applications must be submitted electronically to us by May 31st, 2015, no later than 5pm EST. Second round applicants and finalists will hear from us in the late summer. All other applicants will hear from us in the early fall. The first lab meeting will be held on Sunday, October 4th, 2015.

Thank you for your interest in the Writer/Director Lab. If you have further questions please email


2015/16 Writer/Director Lab Application Instructions

(Our application process is now 100% paperless!)

Writers should submit a 15-page PDF, which includes a 10-page writing sample from a full-length play. Your 10-page sample should contain a minimum of stage directions. Please set up your PDF as follows:

  • Save the PDF as FirstInitial_pdf (W_Shakespeare_Writer.pdf)
  • Page 1 – A one page resume (which includes the name and contact information of one reference)
  • Page 2 – A short description / synopsis (no more than 250 words) of the full-length play that your 10-page writing sample comes from. On this page, you should also provide context for your 10 pages if they are not the start of the play.
  • Page 3 – The title page of the play
  • Page 4 – The character / setting page of the play
  • Pages 5 – 14 – Your 10-page writing sample, with a minimum of stage directions
  • Page 15 – Complete the following writing exercise: Write a one-page play with a beginning, middle and end. Choose a setting. Two characters enter. “We are in big trouble” is the first line spoken by one of the characters. Incorporate one moment of surprise and one instance of change.

Directors should submit a 4-page PDF, as follows:

  • Save the PDF as FirstInitial_LastName_Director.pdf (P_Brook_Director.pdf)
  • Page 1 – A one-page resume
  • Page 2 – The name and contact information of one reference
  • Pages 3 & 4  – Responses to the following prompts (limited to 300 words each):
  1. Tell us about a “non-theater” artist (i.e, painter, musician, poet) whose work influences, challenges, and/or inspires your work as a director.
  2. Tell us about two pivotal moments in your life that led to your eventually becoming a director.

NEXT STEP: Fill out the online application

  • Click the “APPLY NOW” link at the bottom of this page.
  • Enter the requested information into the field.
  • Upload your PDF documents.
  • Click the “Send” button.


Online application form and PDF documents must be submitted no later than May 31st at 5pm. LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Unfortunately, no exceptions can be made.

Apply Now!

If you have any difficulty with the above process, please email us at

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