Artistic Director
Sarah Benson

Executive Director
Cynthia Flowers

Meropi Peponides

Marketing Manager
Sam Horvath

Production and Facilities Manager
Cate DiGirolamo

Business Manager and Special Projects Associate
Heather Arnson

Audience Services Manager
William Burke

Writer/Director Lab Co-Chairs
Jackie Sibblies-Drury
William Burke

Literary Intern
Miles Orduña

Executive Intern
Christina Cordano

Casting Consultant
Jack Doulin + Sharky

Development Consultants
Advance NYC

Public Relations
Blake Zidell & Associates

Creative Director/ Graphic Design
Naomi Usher, Studio Usher

Season Illustration
Adam Hayes,

DeWitt Stern

Legal Counsel
Farber Law LLC, Andrew Farber, Esq.

Fred Basch, AIA

Board of Directors
Jennifer Adler (Treasurer)
Kashif Akhter
Jodi Balsam
Sarah Benson
Jon Dembrow (Chair)
Cynthia Flowers
James Gleick
Frank Holozubiec
Branden Jacobs-Jenkins
Janice Lee
Mimi Lien
Victoria Meakin (President)
Zach Miller
Tim Blake Nelson
Mace Rosenstein
Diane C. Yu

Artistic Council

Maria Irene Fornes, Leah C. Gardiner, Jason Grote, Anne Hamburger, Len Jenkin, Anne Kauffman, Young Jean Lee, Charles Mee, Joseph V. Melillo, Ann Murphy & Mac Wellman

Founding Artistic Directors

Marlene Swartz & Jerry Engelbach