WASHETERIA’s Visual World

Louisa Thompson  (Photo credit: Jemal Countess/WireImage for The Lily Awards)
Louisa Thompson
(Photo credit: Jemal Countess/WireImage for The Lily Awards)

Soho Rep.’s current site specific show for young people and families – WASHETERIA – has been dreamed up, spearheaded and drummed to life by the set designer Louisa Thompson, an old friend of Soho Rep. Her past credits as set designer here include Melissa James Gibson’s [sic] and SUITCASE, as well as BLASTED.

Thompson now turns her attention to a completely different world. WASHETERIA is set in a laundromat. The piece is being made in consort with 3rd graders at the local Williamsburg elementary Brooklyn Arbor School. These students have been attending rehearsals and helping to shape the show through on-site exposure to the rehearsal process, as well as via activities in class.

As a designer, Thompson thinks visually. One of the earliest elements Thompson brought to the table was a “look book” for the project — a swath of visual reference which acted as touchstones for the other designers, the writers and directors, and the entire creative team.

As an appetizer to the project, below are a selection of these images  – as well as a couple Louisa Thompson doodles – to whet your WASHETERIA appetite. See you in Williamsburg at our magical laundromat!


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