WASHETERIA: Innovative Site-Specific Theater for Kids!

Created by Louisa Thompson

Lead Artists: Sarah Benson, Adrienne Kapstein and Louisa Thompson

With episodes by:
César Alvarez
Charise Castro Smith
Adrienne Kapstein and Louisa Thompson

Directed by:
Tea Alagić
Adrienne Kapstein
Annie Tippe

March 21 – April 5

WASH after

In a commercial street in Brooklyn, a parent and her child arrive at a Laundromat marked with a simple sign. They’re greeted by a friendly owner wearing an unusual costume who encourages them to take off their coats and put them in the wash. The child rushes inside, laughing at a young woman who is throwing colorful fall leaves into an oversized dryer. A laundry attendant urges other kids who are just arriving to help him untangle an unruly mass of hundreds of neon tights. Another child simply passing by pulls his dad over to look inside the glass storefront. They’re encouraged to stay for the afternoon and join in on the fun.

This is WASHETERIA, a site-specific theater experience for children and adults created by designer Louisa Thompson and directors Adrienne Kapstein and Sarah Benson, with educational curriculum developed for students and teachers of Brooklyn Arbor, a nearby public elementary school.

Set Designer Louisa Thompson has turned a vacant storefront into fantastical Laundromat, rehearsal space, and theater. Here, an extraordinary group of artists will create theatrical episodes for all-age audiences inspired by the world of the Laundromat and the community of people and objects it contains.

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PLEASE NOTE: This is an off-site, site-specific production. Performances are taking place at 321 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211.
J/M/Z to Marcy Avenue.  L to Lorimer St.  G to Broadway or Metropolitan Ave.

Featuring: Che Ayende, Danaya Esperanza, Mia Katigbak, and singer and multi-instrumentalist Miwa Gemini.

Louisa Thompson – Production Designer
Rachel Fae Szymanski – Lighting Designer
Matt Frey – Lighting Design Consultant
Ásta Bennie Hostetter – Costume Designer
Anne Kenney – Costume Designer
Elisheba Ittoop – Sound Designer
Jung K. Griffin – Props Designer
Terri K. Kohler – Production Stage Manager
Liz Nielsen – Production Manager and Technical Director
Estefania Fadul – Assistant Producer
Karina Naumer – Education Consultant
Jack Doulin + Sharky – Casting
Sarah Gephardt, mgmt.design – Graphics

We are intentionally producing WASHETERIA in a rapidly changing area of South Williamsburg that is adjacent to a major highway and located where three very different neighborhoods intersect. Inspired by the fact that storefront Laundromats are some of the most inclusive, civic spaces in New York City, our hope is that we can create an easily accessible, familiar, and welcoming street-level space that will bring positive activity to an underutilized block and encourage neighbors to stop in and get to know one another.

WASHETERIA performances will be open to the public, and our partnership with Brooklyn Arbor PS 414 allows their students to enjoy a more in-depth experience. Students and their families will be able to easily walk to the “theater” as it is local to them, witness the creation of new work through the storefront windows on their way to and from school, and participate in the creation through engaging, exciting classroom visits and field trips to the WASHETERIA site.

Washeteria is made possible with the leadership support of the Children’s Theatre Foundation of America.

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