Walt creates cities of the future!

Walt Disney had an extraordinary vision for a city of the future. He named it The Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow; we know it today as The EPCOT Center. This visionary place was a residence and a city and a gathering place. Walt was never able to see his vision through, and the closest thing we have to the original EPCOT Center today might be the Disney town of Celebration, Florida. However, the original EPCOT was an astonishing idea — and playwright Lucas Hnath speculates on it in his play A PUBLIC READING…

The below link is a super rich website full of background reading and images. It goes a long ways to get across Disney’s amazing original vision.

Click here to learn all you ever wanted to know about the original plans and visions for The Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow.

Here are some photos to whet your futuristic appetites:

the-florida-project 2 092712_FS_FromTheArchives_EpcotOrigins_WaltsEpcot_6.1tag 092712_FS_FromTheArchives_EpcotOrigins_WaltsEpcot_5.1tag

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