Twitter Session: Jackie Sibblies Drury

Jackie Sibblies Drury

On October 26, we held our second FEED twitter session with playwright Jackie Sibblies Drury who discussed her process in creating We Are Proud to Present a Presentation About the Herero of Namibia, Formerly Known as Southwest Afrika, from the German Sudwestafrika, Between the Years 1884-1915. The transcript of the discussion, curated by Raphael Martin, is below!

Soho Rep: We are talking to ‪Jackie Sibblies Drury about ‪#weareproud. Jackie: how did you come to write this play?

A: I found out about the herero by mistake: a ‪google search. Once I knew about it, I knew I had to try to write a play. ‪

Q: And how did you create this unique form?

A: I’m a big believer in form coming from content. ‪(#leastcontreversialstatementofalltime!) But really a character refers to the genocide as a “rehearsal Holocaust”–I thought a lot about trauma and the recreation of trauma

Q: Where did you have the idea of couching the play in a rehearsal setting? ‪

A: A big part of acting & empathy is putting yourself in another person’s place–that lead to the rehearsal room.

Q: Was there a moment of crisis in the writing of this play that you’d be willing to share?

A: Moment of crisis=whenever I think about the play. BUT. a big one = looking at the 1st draft & wanting to UNwrite it. ‪

Q: Have you yourself ever done any acting?

A: I acted in college, as much as I could. also as a child. also in high school. I wish I was better at it. ‪

Q: And what is it like to collaborate with these fabulous actors? ‪

A: IT. IS. UN. BELIEVABLE. Talented, generous, musical, hilarious, strange, empathetic, gorgeous, twisted geniuses. ALL. ‪I mean: the play depends on them. All plays do but this one in particular. They need to be super, and they are. ‪

Q: Music and rhythm plays such a huge part in this play. Can you speak on that theme?

A: Music/rhythm makes live performance make sense & it’s how I make sense of the world. It leads people through the story.

Q: Our production is quite environmental. What was that like for you to get your head around? ‪

A: To be honest, that’s how it is in my head, kind of, when i’m writing it. the repetition and fractured conversations… ‪

Q: Thanks so much for chatting to us! There will be a more extensive chat on the FEED page of the Soho Rep. site soon.

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