Twitter Session: Eric Ting

Director Eric Ting

On October 19, we held our first FEED online interview with director Eric Ting, discussing his work on the upcoming production of We Are Proud to Present a Presentation About the Herero of Namibia, Formerly Known as Southwest Afrika, from the German Sudwestafrika, Between the Years 1884-1915. People tweeted in with questions from around the world for Eric, and the transcript of the discussion, curated by Raphael Martin, is below!


SR: We’re chatting with Eric Ting ‪@theredcolobus about directing ‪#weareproud by Jackie Sibblies Drury. Eric: How did you meet Jackie?

A: funnily enough, we met right after her wedding! In Chicago! For ‪#victorygardens Ignition Festival! Actually, maybe that’s not FUNNY…


Q: And did you know it was an artistic match from the get go?

A: Yep! As soon as I realized that Jackie and I both talk in incomplete sentences.


Q: Eric, how would you summarize the differences between Chicago and New York audiences?

A: I’d say they’re each of them very smart and very unique in their perspectives. ‪#JaredDiamond


Q: Why this play now?

A: Because it speaks authentically and immediately to complex issues of race and responsibility in America today. ‪#toughquestions


Q: What is it about Soho Rep that you think fits this show, Eric?

A: ‪#provocative ‪#compelling ‪#experimental ‪#intimate ‪#fierce


Q: In a modern age, where racism is still prevalent, does WAP deal more contemporary or historical racism? ‪#weareproud

A: I’d say it uses a little known historical genocide to explode our understanding of race today.


Q: So would you say it draws on genocide in relation to The Holocaust?

A: Sort of impossible not to. If you know about the ‪#herero genocide, you’ve heard of the connections.


Q: ‪#weareproud is partially set in a rehearsal. What’s it like rehearsing a rehearsal?

A: ‪#meta ‪#metameta ‪#itscomplicated I’m often answering questions that are actually actors starting scenes.


Q: What sort of research have you done for these two productions?

A: Extensive. that said it’s actually a big question in Jackie’s play


Q: What roles do music and dance play in #weareproud?

A:We get swept up sometimes –in the moment– and sometimes it’s dangerous. music, dance, sweep us in much the same way.


SR: Thanks to Eric Ting ‪@theredcolobus for joining us for this interview for ‪#weareproud! Its been a pleasure.

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