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On October 19, we held our first FEED online interview with director Eric Ting, discussing his work on the upcoming production of We Are Proud to Present a Presentation About the Herero of Namibia, Formerly Known as Southwest Afrika, from the German Sudwestafrika, Between the Years 1884-1915. People tweeted in with questions from around the world for Eric, and the transcript of the discussion, curated by Raphael Martin, is below!


SR: We’re chatting with Eric Ting ‪@theredcolobus about directing ‪#weareproud by Jackie Sibblies Drury. Eric: How did you meet Jackie?

A: funnily enough, we met right after her wedding! In Chicago! For ‪#victorygardens Ignition Festival! Actually, maybe that’s not FUNNY…


Q: And did you know it was an artistic match from the get go?

A: Yep! As soon as I realized that Jackie and I both talk in incomplete sentences.


Q: Eric, how would you summarize the differences between Chicago and New York audiences?

A: I’d say they’re each of them very smart and very unique in their perspectives. ‪#JaredDiamond


Q: Why this play now?

A: Because it speaks authentically and immediately to complex issues of race and responsibility in America today. ‪#toughquestions


Q: What is it about Soho Rep that you think fits this show, Eric?

A: ‪#provocative ‪#compelling ‪#experimental ‪#intimate ‪#fierce


Q: In a modern age, where racism is still prevalent, does WAP deal more contemporary or historical racism? ‪#weareproud

A: I’d say it uses a little known historical genocide to explode our understanding of race today.


Q: So would you say it draws on genocide in relation to The Holocaust?

A: Sort of impossible not to. If you know about the ‪#herero genocide, you’ve heard of the connections.


Q: ‪#weareproud is partially set in a rehearsal. What’s it like rehearsing a rehearsal?

A: ‪#meta ‪#metameta ‪#itscomplicated I’m often answering questions that are actually actors starting scenes.


Q: What sort of research have you done for these two productions?

A: Extensive. that said it’s actually a big question in Jackie’s play


Q: What roles do music and dance play in #weareproud?

A:We get swept up sometimes –in the moment– and sometimes it’s dangerous. music, dance, sweep us in much the same way.


SR: Thanks to Eric Ting ‪@theredcolobus for joining us for this interview for ‪#weareproud! Its been a pleasure.

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