Twitter Session: Chris Giarmo

Chris Giarmo

On November 8, during technical rehearsals for We Are Proud to Present a Presentation… we held the third of our successful Twitter interviews with sound designer/choreographer Chris Giarmo. Tweeting from the midst of the final rehearsal process, Chris discussed his background, and route into the aural, kinetic world of Jackie Sibblies Drury’s We Are Proud to Present a Presentation About the Herero of Namibia, Formerly Known as Southwest Afrika, from the German Sudwestafrika, Between the Years 1884-1915. The transcript of the discussion, curated by Raphael Martin, is below!

Soho Rep: ‏‪Hi ‪Chris! Thanks for chatting with us about ‪@weareproud and your work. How did you get involved with this production and ‪Soho Rep?

A: Soho Rep contacted me after hearing my awesome girl pop songs for ‪Half Straddle! ‪

Q: And how did you find your way to Sound Design?

A: I’ve always been a musician and composer and started making sound for the theater I was performing in in college.

Q: Cool that director Eric Ting ‪@theredcolobus has you doing Sound and Choreography for ‪#weareproud. What’s the overlap?

A: TONS of overlap. Most people don’t know this, but many people often dance to music. :) ‪For realsies though, it makes everything go a lot smoother.

Q: We aren’t groovy enough here ‪at Soho Rep!… What is the overlap particularly for ‪#weareproud and ‪Jackie Sibblies Drury and the language?

A: Without giving anything away… the movement and sound become more and more linked and engrossing as the play happens. also there’s a particular rhythm that’s been written in to the script that I’m trying to boost w sound and movement. ‪#weareproud

‪Q: You are building the rhythm and dance with the very talented ‪#weareproud cast. How did you work together on this?

A: The cast generated some movement, and then I kind of edited it and mashed it up with my sound ideas. ‪#weareproud ‪#multitasking

Q: What attracted you to ‪#weareproud in the first place? ‪#sparkofinspiration ‪

A: The opportunity to use sound to transport, transform. Also to play in ‪Soho Rep.’s amazingly tricked out space!

Q: We are glad you love ‪Soho Rep. and our “tricked out space”! Can’t wait to HEAR your work on ‪#weareproud. Happy tech & thanks!


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