Twitter Interview with Costume Designer Anka Lupes

Marie Antoinette was a fashion icon: she set trends both cultural and political, defined glamour, and looked gorgeous while doing so. Costume designer Anka Lupes (@ankalupes) chatted with Director of New Work and FEED, Raphael Martin (@SohoRep), about her design process. This is the first in an occasional series interviewing creatives attached to MARIE ANTOINETTE.

@SohoRep: Hello @AnkaLupes! Anka: Did you have a relationship to the historical character before you started work on the play?

Costume Designer for MARIE ANTOINETTE
Anka Lupes, Costume Designer for MARIE ANTOINETTE

@AnkaLupes: Yes, I have an interest in history; [I used] biographies and movies as research in depicting the life of the French court.


@SohoRep: What new research did you do for these designs?


@AnkaLupes: [I looked at] contemporary haute couture to match the contemporary language of the play.

Research Image for the character, Axel Fersen
Research image for the character, Axel Fersen

@SohoRep: Which of the David Adjmi characters was your fave to design (I seem to remember you liking Louis?)


@AnkaLupes: You are right — besides [my] ongoing fascination with Marie; Louis XVI


Anka's sketch for Louis VII's costume
Anka’s sketch for Louis VII’s costume

@AnkaLupes: You cannot help feeling for his confusion and pain of not being capable to take decisions.


@SohoRep: Tell us about that RED DRESS!


@AnkaLupes: Marie’s dress is not only a symbol of excess, but also a symbol of her internal state.

Marie Sketch

@SohoRep: What would you say is Marie’s internal state?


@AnkaLupes: Marie is caught in the waves of a life that was created for her, she is disoriented.


@SohoRep: AnkaLupes how did you come to costume design?


@AnkaLupes: My long time passion for theatre, the excitement of bringing to life on stage, and the characters onstage


@SohoRep: Thanks to MARIE ANTOINETTE costume designer, @AnkaLupes for a nice chat.  #behindtheseams

[Next up: Assistant Director Josh Gelb, Monday November 4th at 2:30pm]

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