Twitter Interview with Actor Chris Stack

We at Soho Rep. have immensely enjoyed conducting the Twitter interviews for MARIE ANTOINETTE. Its a great pleasure speaking with these talented artists about their craft and about this wonderful production. Its an even greater pleasure sharing their insights with everyone via Twitter. Please enjoy this final interview with the brilliant and handsome Chris Stack, who plays Axel Fersen in MARIE ANTOINETTE.

Actor Chris Stack of Soho Rep.’s MARIE ANTOINETTE
photo courtesy of The Cry Havoc Company


@SohoRep: Last MARIE interview with Chris Stack—Axel Fersen! Firstly, what preparation did you do to play a historical character?

@ChrisSeaStackJr: That’s tricky—I read a lot of stuff—with a David Adjmi play, it’s far more about the onstage relationship than any history

@SohoRep: Obviously Marie is Fersen’s deepest relationship in the play. How did you and Marin [Ireland] develop this?

Marin Ireland in rehearsal for MARIE ANTOINETTE

@ChrisSeaStackJr: It is virtually impossible to be onstage with Marin and mot make a connection. [Marie] was the love of his life. He just couldn’t be with her. When you can’t be with a person, you do whatever you can for them.

@SohoRep: On language in the play: Does the language in David Adjmi’s work compare to anything else?

Playwright David Adjmi in Rehearsal for MARIE ANTOINETTE
Playwright David Adjmi in Rehearsal for MARIE ANTOINETTE

@ChrisSeaStackJr: David and his fucking slashes…It’s more about rhythms than actual language.

@SohoRep: #SlasherFlick!!! Can you give us words to describe that rhythm?

@ChrisSeaStackJr: The rhythm is visceral. There is anxiety. There is tension. There is release. There are these moments when you are hanging in between to possible directions. My favorite moment in the play is when Marin and I share this long stop and its like pure calm…

@SohoRep: Wow. It occurs to me: you could be describing NASCAR driving; art meets sports. Any other examples?

@ChrisSeaStackJr: A David Adjmi play is like a team sport: everyone needs their individual agility, but we work as an ensemble. There is a collective relaxation [between the actors onstage].

@SohoRep: Chris Stack is the Buddha of all actors!!
So, I gotta ask, what are some of the dream roles on your hit list? #DowntownsAnswerToJoshBrolin

Chris Stack in rehearsal for MARIE ANTOINETTE
Chris Stack in rehearsal for MARIE ANTOINETTE

@ChrisSeaStackJr: I want to star in the low budget film of Cormac McCarthy’s Sutree. I want to play Jamie in Long Day’s Journey Into Night. And I would love to be in Sarah Kane’s Cleansed…and the next 12 plays produced at Soho Rep. #IHopeJoshBrolin’sPeopleArentLitigious

@SohoRep: Not Hamlet?

@ChrisSeaStackJr: More like Spamlet!

@SohoRep: The Cormac McCarthy is a great idea. And Cleansed is one of Sarah Kane’s darkest plays. #ONeillMorphineMethodActing
When did you start acting?

@ChrisSeaStackJr: When I was a shepherd in a nativity play when I was 5 years old. 17 years later I played John Proctor in The Crucible in high school. I’d like another shot at that one…

@SohoRep: I’m interesting in the role Sam Pinkleton played as choreographer.

@ChrisSeaStackJr: Sam is great—He’s imaginative, flexible, collaborative, and supportive; It was the first time working with a choreographer on a play.

@SohoRep: How does dance affect your work as an actor using text?

@ChrisSeaStackJr: Well, we don’t talk during the quadrille…

@SohoRep: Lets end it on an imaginative and flexible note, sir! Thanks a million; this was cool!

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