THUNDERBODIES and IS GOD IS featured on NYTimes list of The Unforgettable Moments

Photo Credit: Julieta Cervantes

The talk-dirty-to-me monologue in Kate Tarker’s bizarro comedy “Thunderbodies,” at Soho Rep, was flamboyantly gross-out filthy, and the great Deirdre O’Connell wallowed magnificently in it, delivering a screamingly funny, revoltingly blue aria to a lover’s prowess with his nose. L.C.H.

Alfie Fuller as Anaia in the play “Is God Is.”CreditSara Krulwich/The New York Times

They are sisters who survived a fire set by their father, and hellbent on revenge. How to depict the brutally scarred Racine and Anaia in Aleshea Harris’s phantasmagorical “Is God Is.” Netting punctured and torn to make masks for the faces of the actresses Alfie Fuller and Dame-Jasmine Hughes — a simple, effective and enormously disturbing choice courtesy of the costume and makeup designers Montana Levi Blanco and Cookie Jordan. S.H.

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