The Body Never Lies and Peep Show Credits

Created by Stacey Derosier  

Sound Design by Garcendy Derosier
Technical Director Diana Davila
Assistant Technical Director Emily Scanlan
Master Electrician Jordan Wiggins
Production Manager Brandi Ude
Special Thanks: Ashley Demorcy, Ray Johnson, Chad Tiller & Rosco, Steve Rosenberg, Dallas Estes & Project Number One


Created by Becca Blackwell

Max Bernstein (Sound Design) was born in Buffalo, NY where they received their BA in Media Study, with a concentration in film and video production from the University at Buffalo. Bernstein also received an MFA in film production and studio art from the University of Colorado in Boulder. They have worked and toured as a Technical Assistant with the Wooster Group and as a video/sound designer with Michelle Ellsworth, Kaki King, Cindy Kleine, Aynsley Vanderbroucke, Sam King, Morgan Gould, and Ondine Geary. In addition they are one half of the piano harp duo, Outlier, a founding member of the media performance art group The Flinching Eye Collective, a video artist for Friends of the Tank, drummer and video designer for the band Eupana, composer and sound engineer at Tribal Studio, a life-long multi instrumentalist, and a scuba diver. Bernstein has taught film history and production at the Colorado Boulder, and video art at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. They are currently a Lecturer for the Dept of Film, Dance and Theater in the Arizona State University Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts.

Amanda Villalobos (Installation Design) is a designer, fabricator and performer. Her collaborations with Becca Blackwell have included designing puppets & costumes for Snatch Adams, a larger than life comedic and yet very educational vagina as part of an ongoing series. Ms. Villalobos’s puppet designs made their Broadway debut in the original production of Amélie, A New Musical at the Walter Kerr Theater. Her work has also been featured on the television program, Late Night with Seth Meyers and as part of the installation of Sibyl Kempson’s 12 Shouts to the Ten Forgotten Heavens Series at the Whitney Museum. SoHo Rep was where she found herself in tech on the day the city shut down and she is delighted to be back. Ms. Villalobos is a MacDowell Colony fellow, a member of Sibyl Kempson’s 7 Daughters of Eve Theater & Performance Company, a Drama Desk nominee and her work has been awarded grants & residencies from The Henson Foundation and the Brooklyn Arts Exchange.

Installed with the help of the amazing Amanda Houser. 

Special thanks to Grand Master Nan Lu for showing me the beauty of the invisible, I keep looking for it everywhere. And all the students I study qigong with. And everyone who has helped me realize this, seek this and push me past all the limitations I have put on myself. May we all express ourselves to the fullest potential and be just like the flowers on this earth. 

Artist Note:
This piece was inspired by my last 7 years being under the tutelage of Grand Master Nan Lu and studying Wu Ming qigong. A Taoist form of qigong. Something our Grandmaster always would tell us is “Your body never lies” and that comment has spun me into something I am still looking to understand. That this ever changing landscape below my mind is my loyal companion holding my spirit as I twist and turn through my corporeal experience.  That will follow my mind blindly and still seek to heal me. How can I listen more? How can I unlearn what I was taught about my body? How can I make work about this conversation? This was two fold. One booth to offer the audience and one to ask from the audience. The Take booth was to offer you a soundscape of hearts and the place to listen to them. I picked 100 hearts because it seemed to be the average amount of people that would be in spaces in NYC like a club, bar, theater, church, wedding, funeral, spaces for bands…all these places for us to gather to experience the bodies together. And this loss of that this last year and half. To be able to listen to each one offered the intimacy of the individual.  To maybe imagine the person in their moment of making their body this symphonic expression of their experience in this world. Dropping away the physical markers that we associate a person with to just hearing their body. Their feelings. Their being in its truest state of now. The Giving booth is to offer something of you. That this piece can take with it as it becomes itself in all the iterations it will have.  Thank you from the entirety of my body, mind and spirit.

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