The Art of William Kentridge

A prime influence for Jackie Sibblies Drury in her writing of WE ARE PROUD TO PRESENT A PRESENTATION… has been the South African artist/printmaker/theater designer William Kentridge – who has made work about the Herero tribe – notably the large-scale work “Black Box”. That work takes the form of a model theater in which various animations are projected showing abstract images that relate to the Herero genocide, as well as a series of odd mechanical robotic objects. FEED was lucky enough to make contact with one of Kentridge’s New York/Johannesburg gallerists, the South African print pioneer David Krut of David Krut Projects (DKP). Jackie and David toured DKP’s Chelsea outpost, where a new show of Kentridge’s work was just about to open to the public and which runs through December 20th, 2012. It’s not to be missed! Jackie first saw Kentridge’s work at the now seminal Museum of Modern Art Show “5 Themes” in 2010. Check out the incredible micro-site archived from the exhibition here.

In the freewheeling chat, Jackie and David talk about “Back Box”, Jackie’s research into the Herero tribe, and how Kentridge has influenced the play in ways both subtle and profound. After the jump watch a clip of the extraordinary installation piece “Black Box”.

And now here is a clip from “Black Box”, Kentridge’s video-theater piece that was a direct response to the Herero.

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