“I’m not doing a German accent
You aren’t doing an African accent
We aren’t doing accents”

An ensemble of American actors come together to make a play about the little-known first genocide of the 20th century. As the group wrestles with this remote story, their exploration hits much closer to home than anyone ever expected.

This is the Soho Rep edition of the text.

Play Text

Cover Price: $15.00

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  1. Annie Levy says:


    We are teaching “We are proud to present…” at Pace University and have been given funding to purchase 25 copies of the play for our students.

    Is there a way we can give you the credit card info and purchase all 25 copies at once (it looks like we can only purchase 10 copies here)? And then, once purchased, we can come by the theatre to pick up the books?

    Please let me know what is the best way to go about purchasing the play for the class.

    Thank you.


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