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Lette thought he was normal. When the extent of his ugliness is revealed he turns to a plastic surgeon for help. But after the bandages come off, Lette soon learns that there is such a thing as too beautiful.

“Owing glancing debts to Mary Shelley and HG Wells, Mayenburg’s 60-minute play squarely hits any number of targets: our society’s obsession with external beauty, the brutality of capitalism, and the danger of treating defining organs like mechanical parts. But, deftly translated from German by Maja Zade, the play makes its points with the lightest of touches.” – The Guardian

The Ugly One is a scalpel-sharp comedy on beauty, identity and getting ahead in life.

The play had its English-language premiere at the Royal Court Theatre, London, on 13 September 2007.

This is the Soho Rep edition of the text.