Life begins on my 30th Birthday.
I can’t remember much before.
I think that’s okay.
Not everything is worth remembering.  

Girl Mode is a Virtual Reality experience birthed in a flash of psychedelic trans maternal rage. Girl Mode is a documentary, an autofiction visual poem, and a video game. Girl Mode is a call for gentleness in the face of eradication. Girl Mode is a work in progress.
Developed by Kate McGee as part of her Project Number One Residency.
Content Warning: Girl Mode deals explicitly with suicidality and gender dysphoria. All of my most transformative artistic experiences have involved transcending some degree of discomfort but I also don’t think triggering people’s trauma carelessly helps anyone. There are no perfect answers here, so IDK, send me an email if you have any questions or want clarification. We can even get coffee and take a walk and chat about it if that’s your thing.
There are also flashing lights for the photosensitive. Although Girl Mode is designed to be experienced as a Virtual Reality piece, there will be a performance where a player’s headset experience of Girl Mode will be projected for a small audience on June 24th. Time and location TBD.