Show: Jomama Jones ★ Radiate

Jomama Jones New Yorker

Fabulous… she has people literally climbing over the rows in front of them to dance with her onstage… The main draw [is] Jones’s wit and insight, and her clear vision of a world where people join together to celebrate what makes them each unique.

The New Yorker

NY1 Jomama Jones

Performed with fearless style … [Jomama Jones] will have you wiggling and bouncing in your seat… a fusion of retro-funk, camp and theatricality that begs for yet another comeback…


On Hiatus From the Swiss Goats

Critic’s Pick — Radiate glows, making it hard not to surrender to this sequin encrusted earth mother’s soulful embrace. Anyone nostalgic for the mellow funk purveyed by early-’80s urban-contemporary songbirds like Stephanie Mills, Melba Moore and Angela Bofill will thrill to the return of Jomama Jones.

The New York Times