Show: Elective Affinities

EA Times Review

“If you’re one of the lucky few whom [Alice Hauptmann] has summoned to tea this month…I strongly urge you to accept.”

New York Times

EA TONY Review

“Adjmi’s playlet is tiny, but its eloquent, perverse core of coolly rationalized cruelty continues to gain mass and weight in my head… Caldwell is magisterial and terrifying.” [Four stars]

Time Out New York

New Yorker EA Quote

Elective Affinities belongs to the rarely explored genre of metaphysical theatre… [Zoe] Caldwell didn’t use the space so much as dominate it.”

The New Yorker

EA Entertainment Weekly

Elective Affinities’ appeal lies in its wonderfully intimate setting….And there’s something undeniably thrilling about watching Caldwell from 2, 4, or even 10 feet away…She’s an absolute marvel.”

Entertainment Weekly

EA Backstage Review

“Caldwell is superb…There’s also the added frisson of being in such intimate contact with this legendary actor.”