Show: Born Bad

Two 2011 OBIE Awards for BORN BAD

debbie tucker green for Playwriting
Leah C. Gardiner for Direction

Born Bad Turns Out Good

…rhyming, rapping and slipping into Jamaican accents without missing a beat… so strong and dynamic… green is a born playwright.

L Magazine

Born Bad Draws Blood!

… [an] upsettingly funny family portrait… webs of alliance, jealousy, and betrayal suggest a tragedy of almost Grecian size without once having to declare it.

New York Magazine

Unspeakable Truth, Unspoken

Acted with fiery feeling by a superb cast… directed with incisive clarity by Leah C. Gardiner… this intense, stylized drama hits you like a triple shot of espresso… excited by the play’s formal invention, moved by its coiled emotional power.

The New York Times

Born Bad at Soho Rep

It’s essential and stunning theater. [Born Bad] rings with the clarion force of the trumpet calls that brought down the walls of Jericho.