Recipe for REVOLT: “Shoot/Get Treasure/Repeat” by Mark Ravenhill

In anticipation of REVOLT. SHE SAID. REVOLT AGAIN., Soho Rep. asked playwright Alice Birch about art pieces that inspired her play. Alice came back to us with a formidable list of plays, photography, feminist essays, and poetry that have all been an influence on this piece of writing.

In a series we are calling “Recipes for REVOLT”, we will be delving a bit deeper into these art pieces to give you a sense of where this extraordinary play sprung.

This post is focused on Mark Ravenhill’s Shoot/Get Treasure/Repeat, an epic series of plays about war. The play was originally produced in a joint production by The Gate Theatre, The National Theatre, and The Royal Court Theatre.


From Jenny Spencer Theatre Journal:

“With its combination of emotionally involving scenarios, barely suppressed anger, and cool political critique, Ravenhill’s Shoot/Get Treasure/Repeat bears striking resemblance in structure and theme to Brecht’s Fear and Misery in the Third Reich (abridged and translated in 1941 as Private Lives of the Master Class), with everyday encounters between family, friends, and soldiers updated to address the current war on terror. When I read the series of plays one after the other in script form…the parallels with Brecht’s depiction of the rise of fascism were unmistakable. Yet the world sketched before us is not the Germany of World War II, but the equally terrifying world we now inhabit as members of a Western democracy intent on imposing its “freedoms” on the rest of the world. Although each play is different, the underlying questions are similar: how do rape, torture, starvation, suicide bombing, surveillance, trauma, evil, and war’s collateral damage become a normalized part of our everyday lives? Perhaps more to the point, how are the lives we lead already implicated in the war on terror? How far have we gone, and how do things get this far?”


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