Recipe For REVOLT: “One Dimensional Woman” by Nina Power

In anticipation of REVOLT. SHE SAID. REVOLT AGAIN., Soho Rep. asked playwright Alice Birch about art pieces that inspired her play. Alice came back to us with a formidable list of plays, photography, feminist essays, and poetry that have all been an influence on this piece of writing.

In a series we are calling “Recipes for REVOLT”, we will be delving a bit deeper into these art pieces to give you a sense of where this extraordinary play sprung.

“I heard Nina Power talk and thought she was fascinating. The book is an angry, unapologetic and brilliant examination of ‘contemporary feminism’.  It’s funny, bleak and forensic and manages to cover a huge range of subjects – Sarah Palin, pornography, the workplace, chocolate and the hijab all come under examination. Reading the book was like discovering a new room in a house I had lived in my whole life.”

Alice Birch on One Dimensional Woman

 “People are not stupid, and they know when they are being treated like idiots. It is also clear, unfortunately, that ideology runs deeper than the hopeful might have previously imagined. It is not merely a question of turning the tables or changing the language… Many of the tactics of feminism thus far – rewriting cultural histories, reclaiming the body, occupying ‘male’ positions – have had significant effects, but have not been able to touch the basis of the problem at hand. The current ‘material basis’ of ideology has managed to (temporarily) make classical forms of organization (trade unions, protest groups) seem unnecessary, outmoded and impossible, all at the same time (at least in the more affluent parts of the world). This short book is an attempt to try to identify some of these material obstacles to equality, even – especially – when we’re supposed to think that everything is just fine.” – Nina Power, One Dimensional Woman

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