Recipe For REVOLT: Chris Killip, photographer.

Helen and Her Hula Hoop, Lynemouth, Northumberland, 1984

In anticipation of REVOLT. SHE SAID. REVOLT AGAIN., Soho Rep. asked playwright Alice Birch about art pieces that inspired her play. Alice came back to us with a formidable list of plays, photography, feminist essays, and poetry that have all been an influence on this piece of writing.

In a series we are calling “Recipes for REVOLT”, we will be delving a bit deeper into these art pieces to give you a sense of where this extraordinary play sprung.

Families, Whitley Bay, Tyneside, 1977

“Chris Killip’s photographs – black and white, crisply detailed, at once lush and stark – tend to center on working-class people, hard-pressed citizens on the job and at rest. We see them collecting sea coal, toiling in a tire factory, or withdrawn into attitudes of wariness, disenchantment, exhaustion. The weight of the world is upon them, more often than not, and this pressure, bearing down on vividly particular faces, bodies, and landscapes, can be taken to be Killip’s abiding subject… But the pictures convey considerably more than a bleak historical chronicle or sociological report. Killip imbues his subjects and scenes with a sense of urgency, mystery, and radiance. In his greatest work, he seems to deliver more than a photograph can be expected to communicate or contain: hard evidence of the human soul, flickering like embers in a heap of ashes.” – from “’the past and other countries: Chris Killip in conversation with Michael Almereyda,'” from Aperture Magazine, New York, Fall 2012, Issue 208.

Two Girls, Grangetown, Middlesborough, Teeside, 1976

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