Pop culture we’re proud to present #1

FEED presents occasional clips of movies that shaped the writing of WE ARE PROUD TO PRESENT… as selected by playwright Jackie Sibblies Drury.

First up is COMING TO AMERICA (1988).

2 thoughts on “Pop culture we’re proud to present #1

  1. Soho Rep. |

    So what do you think? Racist or just simply hilarious? And what’s with that “African voice”? The best defense — or take down — of COMING TO AMERICA (as voted on by Soho Rep staff) gets a free pair of tickets to WE ARE PROUD TO PRESENT…

  2. Adam |

    This movie is a classic. It not only takes down the ‘American dream’ constructed paradigm that so many movies do, but does it in a way that makes us laugh at ourselves as Americans, and does it in a fresh way. Eddie Murphy is Borat long before Borat ever came into the mind of Sasha Baron Cohen- and it rallies among an almost universal New York experience- moving here as a big shot and learning to cope with the reality that no one in this city gives a shit. It is racially insensitive, but I dare anyone who has a funny bone to sit through this movie and not laugh, it’s impossible! Self-aware American comedy at its best.

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