New Downtown Now, Edited by Mac Wellman and Young Jean Lee

The Appeal by Young Jean Lee: World Premiere, Soho Rep 2003/2004 Season

Ten experimental new plays from New York’s vibrant downtown theater scene

New Downtown Now brings together ten new works that exemplify the playfulness, excitement, and possibilities of the theater.

The anthology includes Interim by Barbara Cassidy; Tragedy: a tragedy by Will Eno; Nine Come by Elana Greenfield; Sachiko andEnoshima Island by Madelyn Kent; The Appeal by Young Jean Lee;The Vomit Talk of Ghosts by Kevin Oakes; Ajax (por nobody) by Alice Tuan; Apparition: An Uneasy Play of the Underknown by Anne Washburn; Demon Baby by Erin Courtney.

In an age dead set against artistic experiment and community, Mac Wellman and Young Jean Lee provide a thrilling forum for both to thrive. The plays collected in this indispensable anthology offer proof that, under the mainstream radar, new visions of theatrical truth are not only fugitively emerging but flourishing in their enviable freedom. Charles McNulty, CUNY Brooklyn