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Photo by Nature Theater of Oklahoma
Photo by Nature Theater of Oklahoma

Charles Isherwood listed Nature Theater of Oklahoma‘s Life & Times Episodes 1-4 as a Standout Show of the Year for 2013 for The New York Times!

‘Life and Times: Episodes 1-4’ The Nature Theater of Oklahoma unveiled the first four episodes (lasting about eight hours!) of a projected 16 in this epic-in-miniature. Derived from a series of loooong telephone conversations with one of the company’s members, in which she recalled, in detail, every scrap of experience from her toddlerhood to her adolescence, the production was at times maddening but ultimately a marvel. Mixing genres (the musical, the mystery), the show’s creators, Kelly Copper and Pavol Liska, reminded us that magical art can be made from even the most mundane material.” – Charles Isherwood

In his review, Isherwood called the show – “Entrancing, maddening, heartbreaking, sidesplitting, even, in its humble way, awe-inspiring… one of the most unforgettable adventures of my theatergoing experience.”

David Cote, at Time Out New York also gave a Best of The Year nod to Nature Theater of Oklahoma.

Nature Theater of Oklahoma—led by auteur couple Pavol Liska and Kelly Copper—kicked off 2013’s Under the Radar Festival with a four-part, ten-hour epic that was exhilarating and deliciously exhausting… Sprawling, bizarre, trivial, profound, holy, idiotic and quite resistant to criticism, the piece was as messy and capacious as life itself.” – David Cote

Photo by Nature Theater of Oklahoma
Photo by Nature Theater of Oklahoma

Nature Theater of Oklahoma’s Life & Times Episodes 1-4 also won a special citation at the 2013 Obie Awards earlier this year.

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