A Podcast About Tech Rehearsals

The Ensemblist is a podcast made and hosted by Broadway theatre professionals. In each episode, the team dissects a specific term related to professional theatre making. This episode features actors talking about their experience during technical rehearsals – the very moment Anne Washburn’s 10 OUT OF 12 explores.

Click here to listen this fun and informative podcast.

Here is how The Ensemblist introduces the episode:

We’ve talked a lot on the show about everything it takes to put up a Broadway musical- the creative team, the audition process, the myriad ways ensemblists are used onstage- but we haven’t talked about moving into the theatre, the incredibly long days, the tedious moments, and the crazy times of tech.

The process of technical rehearsals, where every moment of the show is now looked at by every department instead of just in the safe space of the rehearsal room. Now, it’s all about rehearsals for sound, lights, projections, props, crew, orchestra, wardrobe, hair, and many more- it is during these rehearsals that a show truly comes together.

Tech takes its toll on your personal life, sanity, eating habits, and your workout schedule, but hearing the audience enjoy the final product when the show is FINALLY up and running is a feeling like no other. On this episode of The Ensemblist, we speak to three actors, all recently familiar with the tech process on Broadway. We hear about the entire process from the mundane moments to the dream-fulfilling experiences.


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