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BUFFALO image (Mr. Bungle)
Photo by Marian Lefkin

A new play about one of the first and most notorious cases of invasion of privacy on the Internet – “IF YOU CAN GET TO BUFFALO: An Exploration of ‘A Rape in Cyberspace’ by Julian Dibbell,” written by 2011/2012 Lab Alum Trish Harnetiaux and directed by Eric Nightengale – will be given its world premiere this winter by Incubator Arts Project with preview performances February 13th prior to an official press opening on February 16th.

IF YOU CAN GET TO BUFFALO is set in 1993 when the newly-minted World Wide Web was, at most, a curiosity to the billions of people who now take it for granted, and the world’s first social network, LambdaMOO, was created as an intended utopia in which the only rule was the need for no rules. A virtual mansion – comprised entirely of text – through which users could travel from room to room, LambdaMOO became the center of extreme controversy when a sinister puppet master brought it crashing down during a wild party of virtual revelry. IF YOU CAN GET TO BUFFALO explores the rise and fall of this new utopia, taking us on a hyperlinked journey that investigates the dark complexities and unexpected comedy underlying the birth of online relationships, posing the question – how much are we responsible for the things that happen to us online?

IF YOU CAN GET TO BUFFALO runs through February 23rd at Incubator Arts Project.

Click here for more information and tickets.

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