Lab Members in the News…Rachel Chavkin

2010/2011 Writer/Direct Lab alum Rachel Chavkin, along with her company the TEAM, is currently working in collaboration with the National Theatre of Scotland on The Scottish Enlightenment Project. 



Rachel Chavkin, Lab alum and artistic director of Brooklyn’s the TEAM, is working in collaboration with her company and the National Theatre of Scotland as part of the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The TEAM has been in Glasgow working on the development of The Scottish Enlightenment Project over the past few weeks, and the workshop will culminate in a three day presentation of the work from August 1st to 3rd in the Summerhall Theatre in Edinburgh.

Chavkin will also lead a devising workshop at the Fringe called Devising Within a Democracy on August 2nd.

“Our tales are similar but the endings are different… 

As Scotland grapples with the question of nationhood, we’re heading back to Edinburgh to develop a new work with the National Theatre of Scotland and Scottish artists Davey Anderson (who worked with us on Architecting), Brian Ferguson (Blackwatch original cast) and Sandy Grierson. With the philosophies of the Scottish Enlightenment as our springboard, we’re diving into the murky depths of each of our national mythologies to ask how both Americans and Scots are trapped and liberated by the stories we tell about ourselves.”

Click here  for tickets and more information about the piece and for tickets!


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