Lab Members in the News…Michael Silverstone

Two of the highwaymen: Co-Artistic Directors of 600 HIGHWAYMEN, Michael Silverstone (Lab Alum ’10) and Abigail Browde (Photo by Tei Blow)

As the swirl of international theater festivals storms New York in January, one show in Under The Radar is getting particularly wonderful praise. THE RECORD by NYC-based 600 Highwaymen has captured the public’s imagination. (It also graces the cover of all marketing and promotional material for Under The Radar.) 600 Highwaymen has as one of its co-Artistic Directors, the Lab alum Michael Silverstone (2010 Writer/Director Lab). This beautiful and emotionally rich piece of theater captures the joy of being human amongst its non-professional cast of actors. It plays throughout this year’s Under The Radar festival and we couldn’t be happier for Michael and the acclaim the company is receiving.

Click here to read The New York Times’s outstanding review of THE RECORD.

THE RECORD by 600 Highwaymen (Photo by Sara Krulwich)
THE RECORD by 600 Highwaymen (Photo by Sara Krulwich)

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