Lab Members in the News… Madeleine George

Soho Rep. is beyond thrilled that  Playwrights Horizon’s are presenting Lab alumna Madeleine George’s (PRECIOUS LITTLE) delicious and twisty new comedy  THE (CURIOUS CASE OF THE ) WATSON INTELLIGENCE. The show runs Playwrights Horizon’s mainstage theater. As PH writes — Watson: trusty sidekick to Sherlock Holmes; loyal engineer who built Bell’s first telephone; unstoppable super-computer that became reigning Jeopardy! champ; amiable techno-dweeb who, in the present day, is just looking for love. These four constant companions become one in this brilliantly witty, time-jumping, loving tribute (and cautionary tale) dedicated to the people—and machines—upon which we all depend. For tickets click here! The cast features the superb  John Ellison ConleeDavid Costabile, and Soho Rep.’s favorite Amanda Quaid (A PUBLIC READING OF AN UNPRODUCED SCREENPLAY ABOUT THE DEATH OF WALT DISNEY).

Favorite Soho Rep. designers working on the project include scenic designer Louisa Thompson (ELECTIVE AFFINITIES, BLASTED), lighting design Mark Barton (UNCLE VANYA) and  sound design by  Matt Tierney (AN UNPRODUCED SCREENPLAY…, UNCLE VANYA, THE UGLY ONE, the upcoming AN OCTOROON, and BLASTED).



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