Lab Members in the News… Knud Adams

Lab alum Knud Adams who directs TOM & ELIZA

Knud Adams who was a director in the 2013/2014 Writer/Director Lab is directing the play Tom & Eliza by the terrific playwright Celine Song. The play will be produced at the Brooklyn multi-arts venue JACK – we urge you to take a peak.

Here’s how JACK talks about the play:

Tom & Eliza is a play in one long breath – two characters use rapid-fire language to chronicle their entire relationship, mercilessly withholding nothing. A teethy battle of wills that centers on obsessions with bathing and book-burning, the play wakens both ecstasy and disgust with life – propelling the audience from an ordinary first date toward the end of civilization.”

And here is a video with playwright Celine Song describing the work. Get your tickets by clicking here. Congrats to all who are making this cool new show.

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