Lab Members in the News…Adam Bock and Trip Cullman

Congrats to 2002/2003 Writer/Director Lab alumni Adam Bock and Trip Cullman on their production at the Tricycle Theatre in London!

The Colby Sisters Of Pennsylvania

Adam Bock’s new play The Colby Sisters of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, directed by Trip Cullman, recently opened at the Tricycle Theatre in London, where it will continue until July 26th. The play was workshopped at the Sundance Institute’s 2013 Theatre Lab, and is the most recent project for frequent collaborators Bock and Cullman.

“In a world of champagne and canapés, the five Colby sisters are the glamorous faces of New York high society. With wealth, style and desirable husbands, they appear to have it all. But privately, the sisters’ squabbles distort the picture of this perfect family. Image is everything, and struggling to maintain it could have life-changing consequences.”

Click here to watch the trailer for the production!

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