Jillian Walker: The Orange Essays

Hi Beloved Soho Rep. Friends,

This is Jillian Walker, again, from Project Number One. Today, I’m here to share The Orange Essays with you.

When the pandemic rose up over the world and over the theater field, I sat and breathed with the Uprisings, the petitions, the BLM and AAPI statements from everybody-and-their-grandma in my inbox: all of it swirling around while I asked myself over and over (and out loud to the rest of the P#1 cohort):

What is my place in the Revolution?

Part of the answer to that question is these essays. It’s these prayers and these thoughts; a poetic of personal/ancestral opinions, criticism, observation, and love for the field.

You will find a few juicy footnotes (yes, footnotes, honey! Dramaturgy, anyone, or is it just me? :0) from poets, novelists, and other dreamers I’ve been communing with during these mammoth months of reckoning and revival.

I invite you to read (or listen to me read) as you breathe with the ideas and questions The Orange Essays provoke.

If you read them, and I truly hope you do, I would love for you to join me on Instagram Live @sohorep next week at 7:30 pm to dive a little deeper into these musings and into the frequency of Orange.

I hope I get to see you soon.

With Love,

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