Jackie Sibblies Drury in VOGUE

Theater Is Coded as a White Space—
Jackie Sibblies Drury Is Changing That

Last year Jackie Sibblies Drury’s Fairview premiered at Soho Rep to the kind of rapturous critical praise that marks a major theatrical event. And yet critics also struggled to express just what was so groundbreaking about it. “Reviewing Fairview, a Play That Almost Demands That I Not Do So” read one headline. There was a sense that this was a conversation-changing work that required a profound interrogation of the power dynamics—particularly those connected to race—active within the theater. When it came time to award this year’s Pulitzer, the committee took note. This week the play reopens for a limited run (through July 28) at the Polonsky Shakespeare Center, presented by Theatre for a New Audience. Taking a break from rehearsals, Drury spoke about writing plays that confront the power of visibility; choreography and the black body; and hope.

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