Prince: his legacy features greatly in DUAT

FEED presents: Duat Teach-In

Saturday October 29, 2016
Connelly Theatre


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Inspired by the 1970s tone of the piece, we have brought a wide array of “teachers” together to examine a quartet of themes connected to the play.**Buy a ticket for that afternoon’s matinee to round-out your experience!**

Vinson Cunningham, staff writer for The New Yorker, will speak about the legacy of Prince and how his musical influence changed the face of music from the 1970s through today.

The New Yorker magazine's Vinson Cunningham

The New Yorker magazine’s Vinson Cunningham

Gayle Jackson (Goddard College) will explain what all of the Egyptian cosmology in Duat is all about and give an introduction about the gods referred to in the piece. Who was Anubis? What does Ma’at represent?

Egyptian god Anubis

The ancient Egyptian god Anubis

Schomburg Center librarians Maira Liriano & A.J. Muhammad will converse about the importance of the library in the African-American community. Can a public library be a utopia?


Finally, Daniel Alexander Jones, composer Samora Pinderhughes, and Music Director Trevor Bachman will sing for you and discuss how the music found its way into Duat – and what the music means within the world of this play.



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