FEED events announced for SAMARA!

We have an incredible cast working on Richard Maxwell’s SAMARA, which includes many creators and makers. So, we’re turning over the theater, post show, to Becca Blackwell, Paul Lazar, and Modesto Flako Jiménez, for special FEED events where they’ll share some of their own work. Click on a date below to book $10 tickets to these one-night-only events!


What happens when Paul Lynde’s stardust accidentally smacks into a 6′ autonomous Vagina clown named Snatch Adams? A Chicken crosses the road. Come check out this and other stories of an out-of-work Pussy Clown trying to find their way through the glass ceiling by walking to the edge of it, walking past it, and not cutting their clit on the way out. It’s that easy, ladies. Q and A after everyone leaves!


Writer and actor Modesto Flako Jiménez performs his autobiographical and uncompromising collection of poetry, Oye Para mi Querido Brooklyn (Listen for My Dear Brooklyn). Hiding out in his abuelita’s bathroom, Flako, a young Dominican man, escapes into the memories of losing his culture and self to the gentrified blocks of Bushwick.


Oye For My Dear Brooklyn is performed in both English and Spanish through a series of poems, video projections, and music. Lyrical and savage, Flako’s poetry is populated with immigrants, drug dealers, condoritos, tiguerasos, mothers and sons, all asking the same question, “What’s my moral worth?”


In Cage Shuffle, Paul Lazar speaks a series of one-minute stories by John Cage from his 1963 score Indeterminacy, while simultaneously performing choreography by Annie-B Parson. The stories are spoken in a random order with no predetermined relationship to the dancing. Chance serves up its inevitable blend of strange and uncanny connections between text and movement.



note: booking a ticket for a FEED event does not secure a ticket for the SAMARA performance that evening. Each must be reserved separately, but we hope you’ll join for both!

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