“Getting to know the work”: Jeremy Bloom

Director Jeremy Bloom

Up next in our series on the 2012 Lab participants is director Jeremy Bloom.

1) Briefly tell us about how you directed HOW TO GET INTO BIG BUILDINGS.
I fell in love with the play. For the reading, I positioned the actors in arrangements that I felt synthesized the characters’ kaleidoscopic relationships. We talked about pace. We focused heavily on casting. We thought about the plays big shift from one genre to another.  I got very into it.

3) What part of the Writer/Director Lab process was the most instructive and entertaining and how are the directors utilized during the process?
The most instructive: the divine feedback of our instructors, Jenny and Ken.  Entertaining: the acting within the group that often defies gender and type and reason. The directors participate in the discussions of the plays as they develop and support their writer partner throughout the process. Getting to know each of the other writer/directors and their work is the best part.

4) How do you think the Lab will influence your future work?

5) Do you have any advice for emerging young freelance directors?
Do the lab.

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