Conflict Negotiators on WINNERS AND LOSERS

FEED Humanities presents its first post-show talk for WINNERS AND LOSERS. The over-arching theme of the series for is “Experts on…WINNERS AND LOSERS.” The series opens with two of New York City’s most brilliant conflict negotiators, Aldo Civico (Rutgers University) and Beth Fisher-Yoshida (Columbia University). In this FEED they look at the play through the lens of conflict that is personal, national, governmental and international.

Beth Fisher-Yoshida (Columbia University) is a faculty member and the academic director of the Negotiation and Conflict Resolution program. She is also a lecturer in the Social and Organizational Psychology Program at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Aldo Civico (Rutgers University) is a mediator and anthropologist and the founder of the International Institute for Peace at Rutgers University. Previously, he was the director of the Center for International Conflict Resolution at Columbia University.


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