Your gift doubled now: Join the Inner Circle or make a recurring gift.

Dear Friends,

Soho Rep. produces ambitious new plays with a small staff in a 73-seat theater while charging low-ticket prices. That’s a big effort every single year.

This is why we come to you, a few select times each season, to ask for your much-needed support to keep Soho Rep. thriving and producing the kind of innovative and civic work that’s unique to the company.

As Board members, we came together last year to match your contributions to the theater, and we were awed by your generosity and enthusiasm. So we are stepping up for a second time to sponsor a special matching grant with $45,000 in new donations above and beyond our annual commitments. We encourage you to support this vital cultural institution.

We ask that you make one of two types of gifts that are most important to the theater. When you join the Inner Circle, or make a recurring monthly gift of any amount by June 30th we, the Soho Rep. Board, will match your entire gift.

Inner Circle members are a small family of donors who give $2,000+ annually. They receive reserved tickets to all Soho Rep. productions (even on sold-out nights!) and get to know artists at events like the Season Launch Party.

Donors who make a monthly pledge of any amount—from $10 to $150—provide the theater with the resources and confidence necessary to make informed programming decisions throughout the year.

Your gift today will be doubled financially and will come back to you tenfold: as a member of the Inner Circle or as a theatergoer watching some of the most compelling productions in New York City.

You can click here to read more about the great benefits of becoming an Inner Circle member, or click here to make an easy, recurring monthly donation to Soho Rep.

Thank you sincerely for supporting this fine company.


Jennifer Adler, Kashif Akhter, Jodi Balsam, Jon Dembrow, James Gleick, Frank Holozubiec, Branden Jacobs-Jenkins,
Janice Lee, Mimi Lien, Victoria Meakin, Zach Miller, Tim Blake Nelson, Mace Rosenstein, John A. Selzer, and Diane C. Yu

Photo Credit: Julieta Cervantes
Photo Credit: Julieta Cervantes

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