A Special Message from Daniel Alexander Jones

Photo Credit: Julieta Cervantes

Dear Friend,

Come together. Sit with others, mostly strangers, breathing, pulsing, uncertain, and vulnerable. Then open our imaginations. Practice our capacity to witness and participate, as we encounter the big, bold theater of Soho Rep.

Soho Rep has distinguished itself through its dogged commitment to aesthetically daring, dynamic work that is also unfailingly intimate. The company has fostered work that provokes, interrogates, and inspires, from artists who transgress formal boundaries in pursuit of vital and distinctive compositions.

At its most effective, live art has inimitable power to speculate, illuminate, and bare deeply uncomfortable truths. It also has the capacity to remind us, through experience, of our proximity, on multiple levels. These times demand insurgent dreaming and civic presence.

It has been my great honor to work with Soho Rep on two productions. RADIATE celebrated the comeback in us all through the shimmering concert of Jomama Jones; DUAT enacted the ritual weighing of the heart as a public reckoning with civic failure, fears, and hopes. Both productions demanded leaps of faith from all who were involved in their creation.  Both productions could only have happened at Soho Rep.

From the explosive force of BLASTED to the polyphonic elegy of GENERATIONS, from the electric trickery of AN OCTOROON to the rapturous speculation of REVOLT. SHE SAID. REVOLT AGAIN, Soho Rep’s stage reflects the complexity and contradictions we live with, while it also demands that we respond to those reflections. It is an active theatre, deeply committed to meaningful cultural experience.

As an individual artist, Soho Rep consistently emboldens me through their productions. This was true before they chose to produce my work, and remains true afterward. This is a time of tremendous upheaval and transformation; the risk-taking productions and daring conversations provoked by Soho Rep will have tremendous impact.

I ask that you give a gift to Soho Rep today. I, for one, know that I need their radical imaginings in my life now more than ever.

Daniel Alexander Jones

Photo by Julieta Cervantes: Tenzin Gund-Morrow and Jomama Jones in DUAT.

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