15-Second Plays

The Debate Society asked a bunch of fellow playwrights to contribute to a chapbook. The stipulation: Write a play intended to last fifteen seconds. Contributors include: Annie Baker, Mike Batistick, Adam Bock, Joshua Conkel, Jason Craig, Lisa D’Amour, Ann Marie Healy, Kyle Jarrow, Lally Katz, Kristen Kosmas, Kirk Lynn, Clay McLeod Chapman, Itamar Moses, Donna di Novelli, Sylvan Oswald, and Reggie Watts.

‘Who ever thought of a 15-second play??? What will they be like?’ I wondered… Now, having read them, I can tell you. They’re tiny, vivid… distillations of theatrical essence. They’re candid snapshots of 17 distinct theatrical souls. I love this tiny book. And I love the irony of a blurb that is longer than the plays it is blurbing… Lisa Kron

About the Author
The Debate Society is a Brooklyn based company that creates new plays
through the collaboration of Hannah Bos, Paul Thureen (writer/performers), and
Oliver Butler (director/developer). Plays include Buddy Cop 2, Cape Disappointment, and The Snow Hen.

Ugly Duckling Presse is a nonprofit art and publishing collective for new poetry, translations, lost works, and artist books.

Please note: This title will ship after January 15th, 2013.