Dear Friends,

A colleague we were talking to recently described what he perceived to be the “Super Mario Power-Up” that artists get when they’re produced at Soho Rep. We laughed in the moment, but there is something we find to be true in the analogy: Soho Rep. supports radical theater-makers at critical junctures in their artistic practice, which often means that we provide writers, directors, designers and actors with a very early (and often first) professional production.

Recently, we developed a plan with our Board and small staff, which we hope will enable us to provide meaningful opportunities to even more amazing artists over the next several seasons. The very first thing we want to do is to consistently produce three shows a year starting right now.

There is an incredibly funny and frightening new play that was generated in the Soho Rep. Writer/ Director Lab. We’d love to add it into our current season and to share it with you this May. We would love for the artists involved to join the list of inspiring theater-makers who’ve had one of their first shows at Soho Rep. including César Alvarez (Lortel Award for Outstanding Musical for FUTURITY), Jackie Sibblies Drury (Pulitzer Prize in Drama for FAIRVIEW), Aleshea Harris (three Obie Awards for IS GOD IS), Lucas Hnath, Branden Jacobs-Jenkins (whose AN OCTOROON was named #2 on The New York Times’ “Best 25 Plays of Last 25 Years”), and Young Jean Lee.

We can only produce a third show this year with your help, because our low-priced tickets will only cover 18% of the cost of producing a third show. We’re writing to ask you to give a gift to Soho Rep. today to help us raise the funds we need by December 31st to announce the production and provide the artists involved with enough time to develop and rehearse their new play. We hope you’ll join us in this exciting moment, and we thank you in advance for your generosity.


Sarah Benson                  Cynthia Flowers                    Meropi Peponides
Director Artistic               Director, Executive         Director, Artistic Development
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